Great Tips for Developing Better Habits

By Kristi Fox Satsky in Blogs.

Now that it’s officially 2016, you’re probably starting to rethink those crazy New Year’s Resolutions you made back in December! Did you know that more than half of adults make New Year’s Resolutions every year and most give up after the first few weeks?!

Most people tend to get discouraged because they don’t see immediate results. Unfortunately, if you’re not working to turn your goals into habits, you’re not going to see progress. And, most people give up when there isn’t an immediate reward.

Whether you’re hoping to shed some of those holiday pounds or wanting to become more organized in 2016, adopting good habits is the first step to meeting those goals and maintaining the results!

Here are nine quick and easy tips to help you get (and stay on) track this year!


  1. Get Motivated! Ask yourself the following questions: Why am I wanting to adopt this habit? How will my life improve if I do, and what will happen if I don’t? Asking yourself these questions will help you develop a plan and streamline your goals.


  1. Start Small! It takes a long time to develop lasting habits. Take small steps each day and focus on manageable changes at the beginning. Setting those small goals will lead you into accomplishing that BIG result!


  1. Set Reminders! Consistency is key! Setting reminders for yourself each day will help you stay on track while you’re in the process of adopting new habits.


  1. Replace the Bad Habits! Trying to lose weight? Kick a bad habit by replacing it with a good one. Instead of buying sugary snacks from the vending machine at work, bring carrot stick or nuts with you to keep handy when those cravings hit. You’ll be much less tempted to reach for those unhealthy items when you have something close by.


  1. Get Your Friends and Family on Board! Let people know you’re working on a lifestyle change. Telling more people will force you to stay accountable and be more aware when you’re falling back into bad habits. Those people may even be willing to change some of their own.


  1. Keep Those Expectations Realistic! You’re not going to lose 25lbs in a week. Change won’t happen automatically. It takes weeks and months to start seeing changes appear. Remember, results only come with consistency!


  1. Stick With it for 30 Days! Most studies show that it takes 30 days for form a new habit. Stay committed for a month and if you find that it hasn’t become automatic, examine the challenges you’re facing and try again.


  1. One Habit at a Time! Even though you may feel really motivated to overhaul your life and change everything at once, it may prevent you from doing ANY of them at all! Focus on one thing at a time and once it becomes routine, tackle a new goal.


  1. Reward Yourself for Your Hard Work! Have a day that felt like it was hard to stay on track? A small reward will keep you motivated and help you face another day when you feel like you have something to look forward to!


Just like with anything else, hitting a wall can really kill your motivation and your progress. Avoid road blocks by remembering your original intention. Have an inspirational quote somewhere prominent where you can remind yourself why you started. Even if you’ve missed a day or two, try again as soon as you’re able and remind yourself that it’s only a failure if you quit altogether. Be sure to silence your inner critic and surround yourself with positivity. Upbeat music and encouraging people will always keep you motivated and ready to tackle your goals!

If you’re ready to make buying home or selling your current one a goal in 2016, let me know! I’m here and ready to help you any time day or night!

*information used with permission by Brian Buffini & Co. © 2016