Great Tips For A Great Garage Sale

By Kristi Fox Satsky in Blogs.

If you’re like me, life gets a little crazy between Thanksgiving and Easter!

Between the weather and all of the tiny details that go into making it through the holidays and into the new year, I find myself itching to tackle those neglected and somewhat messy corners of my home! With temperatures dipping back into the 20’s and 30’s over the last few weeks, I’m sure you’re probably more than ready to open the windows, enjoy some sunshine and clean out that cluttered garage, closet or attic!

So, what do you do once you’ve sorted through it all?


If you find yourself with a pile of toys, clothes, and   household items that you just don’t feel like you can  throw away or donate, maybe now is a great time to host a yard sale! Here are some great tips for  planning a stress-free sale that will not only get rid of those leftover items you’ve had stashed in your home  for far too long, but make you a little bit of extra cash!

Pick A Date: Your first key to success is to choose a good weekend to hold your sale. To give yourself plenty of time to prepare, pick a date that’s several weeks to a month away. Saturdays are typically the most popular day. You’ll find a good mix of hardcore buyers hoping to strike gold and shoppers simply browsing for good deals. But, be sure to pick an alternate date in case of bad weather!

Advertise: The next important step should be advertising. While strategically placing signs throughout your neighborhood is a great place to start, don’t forget to check with your local paper for ad prices or popular websites such as Craigslist or Yard Sale Treasure map, which uses Google Maps to show you locations of sales in your area. Make sure your signs are eye catching and give a specific day, as well as start and end times. Don’t be afraid to get creative in promoting your sale! And don’t be afraid to recruit your friends and neighbors! The bigger the sale, the better chance you’ll have of attracting more buyers!

Pricing, Setting Up and Selling: When it comes to selling your items, there are a few important things to consider. First, make sure each item is clean and in working condition. If you’re including electronics, set up near an outlet so you’re able to quickly test out an item if a buyer is interested. Keep cords attached and make sure toys that require batteries are also in working order.

While you may feel that your items are valuable, most buyers have their own prices in mind. When you’re pricing your items, remember that your customers are looking for bargains. Price accordingly and be willing to negotiate or bundle similar items together in order to give them a great deal!

On the day of your sale, set up an hour or two early. Hard core and experienced shoppers will show up at or slightly before the posted time in order to get a good first look at your items. Gather up used grocery sacks so buyers can easily take their items with them and make sure to have plenty of change on-hand. During the sale, tidy up tables, greet your customers, be friendly and always be willing to answer any questions your customers may have. Refreshments could even keep people browsing longer, which means they may be more likely to purchase!

Following these simple guidelines will help you have a successful sale and leave you with plenty of cash in your wallet! For more great tips, look for your Buffini & Company mailer in your mailbox each month, which is full of fantastic information for buyers and sellers!

And, don’t forget that I’m never too busy for you OR your referrals! If you’re looking to buy or sell, call me and I’ll get you the best bang for your buck!

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