Keep Your Mind Sharp and Never Stop Learning!

By Kristi Fox Satsky in Blogs.

In the world of real estate, it seems like there’s always something new to learn. With technology developing faster than the speed of light, there are constantly new and different ways to market properties, find buyers and make sales. All making the process so much more efficient! That means getting you on the fast track to finding a home you love and getting settled into it!

Don’t we live in an amazing time?

As I’m finding out, you’re never too old to learn. And the secret to nurturing a healthy and active mind as you age is to continue to learn wherever and whenever you can!

I hear you. “I’m too busy” or “I can’t afford to go back to school right now!” But, learning doesn’t have to just be kept in the classroom. Thanks to technology, you can experience a classroom type setting right in the comfort of your own home! From TED Talks ( to iTunesU® (free on iOS) and YouTubeEDU (, there are plenty of simple and free ways to even listen to lectures in your own car!

And, if you’re craving more than watching a lecture while sipping coffee and lounging in your yoga pants, you can always look up courses offered by your local university extension or community college!

Here is a helpful list of websites, all designed with the goal to keep your brain sharp in the most convenient way possible.

-Coursera ( A Massive Open Online Course (also known as an MOOC), which allows users to take their classes for free. Partnered with universities and organizations from around the world, Coursera offers a range of subjects from the arts to economics and more. Each course lasts several weeks while also allowing students to work at their own pace. For a nominal fee you can also choose to take courses within a signature track discipline to receive a verified certificate once the program is complete.

-EdX ( Another growing MOOC platform, with courses divided into different levels. This includes high school and professional education courses offered by universities around the world.

-Udemy ( While similar to other MOOCs, Udemy’s classes aren’t tied into courses offered from universities across the globe. Instead, courses are taught by professionals within a particular field of study and are aimed more toward helping those looking to increase their job-related skills rather than attempting to fill college credits. Both free and fee-based courses are available and you can still work at your own pace.

-Skilshare ( Membership based MOOC, which offeres courses taught by experts in industry. From design to business photography, like Udemy, Skillshare is aimed toward those who would like to gain or sharpen skills in a professional capacity. For a $10/month ($96/year) membership fee, you gain unlimited access to over 800 classes. You can also take a small number of classes for free.

There are so many benefits to lifelong learning! Take the time to learn something new, see things from a new perspective, expand your skills and knowledge, discover new talents and get inspired!

And if you, or someone you know is ready to buy or sell, I am never too busy for you or your referrals! Give me a call! I am ready to find you the perfect home and help you unlock your dreams!