The Best Tips for Dog Owners Selling a Home

By Kristi Fox Satsky in Blogs,News.

As a dog owner, you face special challenges when it comes time to sell your home.  While you may know your pooch is a canine good citizen, potential buyers can be put off by simply knowing a dog lives on the premises.  Here are some tips for putting buyers at ease and getting your house sold quickly and for a great price.


Clean carefully.  As a dog owner, one of your first and foremost priorities when selling a home is a thorough cleaning.  Ensuring your home is open house- and showing-ready will help you sell your home quickly and receive more offers.  Start with shampooing carpeting to remove stains and odors, and if damage is extensive, Fox Businessrecommends replacing the carpeting.  Even wood or laminate flooring may require replacement if odors and stains are deep, and tiling and grout should be steam cleaned to lift evidence of pets.  Chicago Tribunerecommends that your home’s ductwork should be professionally cleaned as well, removing pet hair and dander thoroughly. Repair any other damage to your home from your furry friend, such as scratched door casings or chewed trim. And don’t forget your home’s exterior; pick up any evidence of your pet outside, and fill any holes your pet dug up. Once your home is thoroughly and deeply cleaned, keep up the good work by vacuuming before showings and picking up your dog’s waste in the yard. 


Vacate the premises.  When it’s time to show your home, it’s vital to remove your dog and your dog’s belongings.  Leaving your dog and his things in the home is a reminder the house is yours and makes it more difficult for buyers to envision living there.  On top of that, some people are afraid of dogs, and some are allergic.  It can also be stressful for your dog when strangers enter the home.  According to some experts, there are several options for you and your pooch when it comes time for showings.  You can board your dogor drop him off with a family member or friend.  If your workplace is pet-friendly, take Fido along for the day.  Whatever option you choose, it’s in you and your dog’s best interest for him to leave during the event.  You’ll want to employ a similar solution for moving day to eliminate anxiety for your dog as well as the chance he could slip out.  If you can’t relocate your dog temporarily for your move, one ideais to secure him in a quiet room with a note on the door that says not to disturb him there.  Doing this keeps him clear of movers’ paths while reducing his exposure to the chaos and stress of moving.


Etiquette when house shopping.  Generally speaking, it’s advisable to leave Fido at home when you are house shopping. If you feel it’s important to introduce your dog to a property, be sure to check with the real estate agent or homeowner ahead of time.  Remember, there could be allergies, personal concerns and other pets to consider.  If you happen upon an open house while walking with your dog, such as in your or a friend’s neighborhood, be sure to ask a friend or neighbor to watch your pooch while you check out the house.  If that isn’t feasible, take the dog home and return later.  Walking into the home with your dog is inappropriate, so make some form of arrangements.


Home sweet home for you and Fido.  Selling a home is a big deal, and as a dog owner, it can be a difficult proposition.  Stage your home well with careful cleaning, and be sure Fido vacates for showings.  When house shopping, follow proper protocol.  You and your pooch will be settled into a new home in no time!


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