Updating Your Master Bath: What You Need to Know

By Kristi Fox Satsky in Blogs.

When it comes to selling your home, there are always specific things a buyer will look for before making a final decision. We’ve previously talked about how an updated kitchen space can not only increase the value of a house, while also making it more appealing to a buyer. But, did you know that potential buyers frequently point to the master bathroom as one of the main spaces they would either like to see renovated or would renovate themselves once they purchase their new home?

For most homeowners, there are a number of reasons to renovate a room in their home. They either want to upgrade features and fixtures, make their space more functional, increase the value of their home, address a changing lifestyle or family need, or want to improve storage for organization purposes.

Here are some quick stats from a’s Winter Bathroom Trends Study:

-60% of home owners who are renovating their bathrooms are choosing to renovate the master bath with 61% choosing to start from scratch after gutting the existing room.

-The older the homeowner, the more likely they are to skip a bathtub in the master bath and other full bathrooms. 59% of homeowners aged 65+ are leaving a tub out of their renovations plans, opting for a standing shower only instead. 36% of 25-34 year olds plan to do the same, with 39% saying they’ll also skip installing a bathtub in another full bathroom in their home.

-For the tub lovers out there, the top three types of bathtubs are freestanding, drop-in and spa or jetted tub.

-When it comes to installing sinks, 91% of the homeowners polled said they’ll be replacing the sink in their master bathroom, with most saying they’ll be installing TWO sinks.

-79% of homeowners prefer a glass shower door over a shower curtain.

-91% of those polled say they’ll be installing high efficiency toilets.

So with those stats in mind, what should be your next step in the renovation process?

1. Make a list of what you want to change: Check out different websites and magazines, look at trends and write down what you like and why you like it. Wander around your local home improvement stores to get a good idea of what you’ll be spending and pay attention to their weekly ads for price breaks and good deals. Rank each item based on what your priorities may be in order to make sure those get done first.

2. Consider your resources: Time, budget and energy are major deciding factors in how large or small your project may be. Carefully consider whether you want to put those things into a major overhaul or if you’re better off  sticking with just an update.

3. Set a budget: Once you figure out how much you can spend, subtract 20% to 30% and set it aside for contingencies. You never know when you might find a problem or have a need to hire a professional.

4. Sketch it out: A rough sketch of the space will help you when it comes to choosing fixtures, cabinets and storage options.

5. Measure everything more than once: Maybe it sounds like overkill, but taking the time to measure things twice can help eliminate the need to make costly corrections or returns.

6. Replace the underlayment: When it comes to tearing up flooring and fixtures, consider replacing the underlayment (the layer between a subfloor and finished floor that facilitates leveling and adhesion). Not only does this allow you to start fresh, but also gets rid of any of the damage that can commonly occur in a humid bathroom environment.

7. Reduce the impact of your renovation: Few things can be more frustrating than trying to live your life during a renovation. Make sure to move everything you need to another bathroom during the process to eliminate the hunt for bath products or disposable razors. This will also ensure a smooth transition into your new space and may help you reduce clutter.

Keeping these tips in mind will help make your next renovation a breeze!

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Kristi Fox Satsky